momovado inc.

a creative adaptive management social enterprise.

Washed ashore or lost at sea?We help navigate where you want to go.Our mission is to empower families, professionals and businesses to coordinate balance, create order, and build organizational capacity to get back on course, steering through and beyond life's many storms.Organization, productivity, peace, and caring for self are just a few elements that empower and enable us to thrive as humans.


We draw from 20+ years of building capacity in individuals of all ages and teams on four continents to impart pragmatic and world-wise strategies & processes that work for you. Priorities lie in assisting you minimize and balance resources while increasing the quality of outcomes.Rising with intention from trauma, loss, stress, breakdowns and burnout come full circle when lessons learned are infused in every project we are honoured to take on.Our passion is unleashed curating meaningful moments; capitalizing on collaborative momentum to create ever-evolving custom solutions for a variety of clients. With a focus on functional and intuitive design inclusive of best practices in resource management, our team will meet you where you're at while elevating you to optimize your spaces, systems, and work styles.Storms can teach us how to steer through ambiguity, and adapt to plan in the face of uncertainty, so as personal stewards of harmony, we'll guide you to discover new pathways to freedom, peace and providence.


Professional Organizing
•Digitization of memorabilia & records
•Packing, unpacking and relocation support

•Event creation, planning, management
•Volunteer Program Development & Management
•Group/self-development capacity-building programming & resource design

Offering custom services, packages and equitable pricing.


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